False Limitations


And he did not work many mighty deeds there because of their lack of faith.

(Read Matthew 13:54-58)

How many of us while growing up internalize the limitations set for us by the people around us? (“Girls” or “fat kids” or “our people” of whatever kind “can’t do that.”) For me, the false limitation was that “poor people like us” couldn’t achieve certain things. That was completely false.


Is he not the carpenter’s son?

False limitations set by others or by ourselves are exactly that…false. There are real limitations in life, but rarely are they the same ones imposed on us by others. If Jesus had believed his hometown people and had not moved beyond their mindset, he would never have fulfilled God’s will for his life.


Every life has a purpose deeper than the ones set for it, or denied it, by the ambient culture. Step back today and look at the familiar assumptions about yourself that you’ve always held to be regrettably true. Some of them could be completely false and keep you from achieving your deepest purpose, according to God’s will.



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