Saint Marley


He likes kindness, food, play, and rest; he performs tasks eagerly when they are demanded; he is loyal to his family and always tries to please them, and he is their self-appointed protector; he would give his life to save us; he likes the smell-walk, fulfilling his senses in nature; he has no regard for televisions or computers; he is not distracted with complexities of thought and he holds no grudges; he is completely present in each moment. I can’t help but think God sent him to us as a messenger, placing him in our care, and we in his. If our home was a monastery, he would be the simplest of lay-brothers, in the happy and humble service of all. I know now why Saint Francis of Assisi loved animals so much.

2 thoughts on “Saint Marley

  1. A lot of people have closer relationships with animals than they do with other humans, because real intimacy requires both parties to consistently lean in, and animals are so good at this. They remain consistently, amazingly attuned to us, even when we fail them, and so we stay present, because we sense we’re safe. C.E. Morgan
    Seems like you and CE are on the same page


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