Love and Eternity


Keeping the Sabbath (our weekly day of resting in God) has kept our family, over the years, from drifting into dissolution and distraction. We return once a week to the Love that grounds our love for one another in truth and freedom, lest we forget and become lost.

(July 2017) As this Sabbath evening descends on our home, I am assured that God’s kindness extends beyond the reaches of space and time. I live in a body that is passing away, but love is eternal, and love has become my life. There isn’t anything else, really.

There is something eternal in a loving relationship. It takes place in space and time, but it also transcends them. True love originates in the eternal and returns to it. That is why death has no purchase over love. Love is stronger than death. To know the love of this quality is the greatest gift.


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