Why I Live Here


On this perfect Summer day, I find myself unavoidably entering into each flowing moment in prayerful awareness. To let these moments slip past without notice would be an impossible act of ingratitude.

Morning. It is an absolutely beautiful and mild, shining, country day. Birds joyfully sing. The dappled sun shines through green leaves that wave in a gentle breeze. No machines. No radios. Just the earth having its day.

Afternoon. Gardening and mowing fill the hot and dry post-meridian hours. I pause to appreciate the prairie grasses and flowers, and their busy insect attendants. A bright blue sky looks down and seems pleased. The sun shines brilliantly. Beans are practically bursting from bushes in the gardens.

Evening. Walking the dog at sunset. Soon comes the night. Crickets and tree frogs serenade the stars reflected on ponds. I sleep with the windows open and drift away on their songs. Sleep comes easily.

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