Trials and Tribulations


During the difficult times when we are “put to the test”, God is there with us, although it often doesn’t feel that way. God does not necessarily cause our trials and tribulations but can use them to clarify our intentions, for our own sake. Tribulation can clarify your values and reveal your character, and strengthen it. Suffering is not good in itself, but some of the worst times in life can become a purification process. They can crush you for a time, and also awaken compassion.¬†Hard times can be, among other things, an opportunity to focus on the truth and nothing else, but the decision is always ours.

Like anyone, I struggle with anger and loss of faith when tragedy comes, but I also know through experience that God can bring into existence what was not, and give life to what was dead. Life has taught me that even the worst of times can bring about good things that may not have been possible otherwise. Suffering is not good, but we are never without hope. God never abandons us in our suffering.


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