Sabbath Mind


Today, I purify my mind of the false claims of church and state, to love without reserve and to stop pretending life has any other purpose. Without this weekly reminder, it is likely that insanity would eventually seem reasonable and normal to some degree; necessary, even. (If the world ever comes to an end at our hands, it will probably be deemed necessary and good in the court of world opinion, and carried out by people certified as moral and sane.)

It is very easy to get lost in the mad rush toward nowhere. As Thomas Merton wisely observed: “Modern life is geared for a flight from God into the wilderness of neurosis. You just cannot immerse yourself in the world and be carried away by it; this is no salvation.”

Today, I will once again stop and take stock of my situation and ask myself the old familiar and uncomfortable question: What the hell am I doing?

Thank God for the Sabbath.

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