Public discourse has become a cacophony of discord and disarray; a tower of Babel. Everyone has an agenda, everyone has special rights, everyone is offended, and everyone thinks it is freedom. Some want a structureless anarchy, some want a soft utopia, while others want an order of brutality and sameness. It is a world of armchair philosophers. I can only assume this reflects the inner lives of people.

Distraught people will ask, “How did it get this way?” Perhaps it is reasonable to consider that we have no official social and educational formation in the ability to reason. Instead, we are largely influenced by television, marketing, and social media. That is the defacto education for many. Consequently, we have a severely limited awareness of what we are doing, so we react to feelings instead of truth and we turn and rend one another.

I can’t help suspecting this is of benefit to certain interests and is encouraged and orchestrated to some degree. Divided people fight one another, instead of uniting for the common good, and unhappy people buy more stuff. The zeitgeist of the moment is not immune to manipulation, and in some respects is the result of it.

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