Homo Religiosus


The term homo religiosus refers to our existential drive toward transcendence, freedom, and meaning-making, no matter the differences of religious or a/religious backgrounds or convictions.   (Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion)

Every person has a religion, whether or not that person believes in God, for religion involves a commitment of the whole person to live according to the plan of, and seek union with, what one takes to be ultimate reality. For those who believe there is a God, it can be a God who is love, or retribution, or only a natural force that is intelligent in some way. For others, it is the power of reason, or the power of power, or economics, or the nowhere of apathy, entertainment, and escapism. The bottom line is: everyone has a religion, even if it is no religion at all.

It is important to remember that we all live by this principle, and what you love you will become.

Human ñ business evolution

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