The End of the World

(Holy Week)


During the events of Holy Week, we see crowd dynamics, group psychology, social constructs, the collective unconscious, prejudice, fear, nationalism, religious bigotry, civil injustice, violence, mockery of the good, non-belief, cynicism, lies, and murder. All of these are on display during Holy Week. They are also found in the week’s Bible readings. The truth is, these unpleasant realities of human nature are always with us. The events of the past are the events of the present. Holy Week isn’t only about Jews and Romans, it is about us.


Jesus of Nazareth was and is a sign and a contradiction: a sign of God’s enduring love that contradicts all our petty prejudices and small-minded attitudes toward one another and God. Holy Week is a wake-up call. When we persist in our smallness it always ends in the persecution and crucifixion of anyone and anything that contradicts our cherished and institutionalized illusions. We will even go so far as to reject and kill God and justify it according to our own rules and laws.


If the world comes to an end at our hands, it will be deemed necessary and perfectly legal, carried out by people certified sane by their peers in the court of human law, national interest, and religious orthodoxy.


What does Holy Week say about God, and what does it say about us?


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