Head Over Heels

I am in love. This is my problem. Only someone else in love this way can understand. This love loved me first and I responded. It is everything. How can I explain? I get lost in details, small moments, and reveries. It is ecstasy for sure. The garden rake lying in the tall grass in the sun. The ripples on the pond that sparkle as a gentle breeze hovers over the face of the water. A glorious sunset after a hot day of labor in the field. A hummingbird at the feeder. Absolute stillness at dusk before the crickets begin to chirp. A dazzling array of stars dancing above the house as I settle in for my rest. The warmth and comfort of my bed at night, secure in my peaceful home. I am in love. Absolutely head-over-heels crazy in love. And grateful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

fall 2012 147

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