Official Theology


I approach official and professional theology with care and caution, having studied it and known it. I even got a degree in it and discoursed with its learned professors, all of whom are fine human beings with good hearts and good minds. But, like anything, theology can be used for good, or ill. Just because it concerns matters of God, it is is not above manipulation to nefarious ends. What I saw, and what I see, is this: official theology can easily help neurotics defend neurosis and power, and reject the legitimate personal experiences of good people not involved in academia or sanctioned religion. Intellect and dogma can be easily used as weapons in a war against those who are not ensconced in the ivory tower of official theology. This is a real danger in any rigorous academic, spiritual, political, or secular discipline. It is not true to the heart and source of theology. With the best of intentions, those who fall into this trap sincerely believe they are helping people and correcting moral errors. The truth is consequently hidden from everyone, including those who claim to possess it. Everybody loses.

…Meanwhile, there is a beautiful sunset over the prairie and the harvest moon rises over a hill among the pines. The moon has no intention to cast its reflection on the pond that has no mind to receive it.

“Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

– Jesus of Nazareth  (Mark 10:15)

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