This Life


In the darkness at night, after my family has gone to sleep, I lie awake and listen. There is a definite peace, stillness, and presence in our home. Our day is done and we rest secure, each of us knowing we are one in the unity of love in God’s care. It is a bond like no other. It gives peace the world of ambition and distraction will never give.

The older I get, the more I treasure, guard, and protect this peace with all that I am. Our faithful dog, in his own way, does the same. He is an example of devotion and courage. He also is often awake at night in the darkness, listening.

I can’t imagine heaven being a better or a different place than this one with my family. If there is an afterlife, I want it to be this life again, redeemed of my mistakes and interference. If heaven is not a communion and reunion of loved ones in the goodness of God’s creation, then count me out.


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