One Winter’s Night



A freezing rain is falling tonight. We are home. There is peace here. A warm fire. A sleeping dog. Our son is enjoying a friend’s visit. My wife and I rest in the easy communion of marriage. The cold night only accentuates the light and warmth of our home. There is much here to be grateful for. It does not escape my notice.

Our dog, Marley, sleeps by the fire. He had a rough start in life. He was rescued from an abusive home and lived in a shelter for two months before we adopted him. He has come a long way. He knows what it means to go hungry and sleep out in the cold. Now he is home. His devotion to us is fierce and he intends to stay found.

When I was younger and called the cold night my home, this beacon of light where I have come to rest was an obscure vision I never dared to imagine for myself. But God’s persistent grace and the patient prayers of others brought me safely home. Like Marley, my devotion is fierce and I intend to stay found.

Postscript: Freezing rain pelts the windows and the wind howls while we huddle together in the light and warmth of our home on this one winter’s night. No one here would choose any other fate,…and it is very good.




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