If you live on planet Earth, it is impossible to avoid encounters with overt displays of repulsive human behavior. These are inevitably rooted in delusional thinking. Perhaps you sometimes find yourself the source of such behavior. The fact is, the more insular and cerebral (though not wise) we become, the more surreal our behaviors become. Meanwhile, reality continues on its merry way and inevitably clashes with our fantasy-world of cherished concepts and emotions.



You cannot live in a bubble and be shocked when it bursts, nor should you throw a tantrum when others do not wish to live in your bubble.  Life includes some hard realities, which is why we all need love and faith and morals to ground us, not grand concepts and schemes to manipulate and control reality and other people. More than anything, we must love. Love is the one thing absolutely necessary. Without love, even the best intentions and theories will crumble into dust. Wisdom and maturity and freedom rest securely on love alone. No intellectual concept, political theory, economic system, social theory, or hedonist philosophy will ever save people. Only love will ever save us.



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