Oil and Water


“The spirit of faith is completely opposite the spirit of this world.” – Msgr. William Carr

Oil and water do not mix, although they may occupy the same vessel. Vigorous shaking or an emulsifier can cause them to intermix more closely but not completely. After a time they will separate again. It is the same with the spirit of faith and the spirit of this world. They are complete opposites. There is no compromise, although we wish there was one. Biblical stories and stories in the news illustrate this again and again. If we are honest about it, our own lives probably illustrate this unpleasant truth also.



The Infinite who is Love, the numinous Other who sets the universe in motion and intimately cares for each created person, place, and thing; this reality, that is the only true reality, is forever at odds with the terrible illusions we create to oppose it. The best we can do and should ever do is align ourselves with this Love who moves the planets and stars, who gives life to all things, and reject all things contrary no matter how popular or attractive. Otherwise, we will continue to live divided within ourselves, at odds with one another and reality as God intended it. The choice seems uncomfortably clear to me.


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