King Herod Reflects


The Passion of St. John the Baptist (Mark 6:17-29)

“You must understand…I was divided within myself but had to silence him. Circumstances backed me into a corner and I had civic vows to uphold. My reputation was at stake. He kept speaking about uncomfortable things. He forced my hand. That was years ago, and believe me, I have spent many sleepless nights drinking away the nightmares and the guilt. When I think about it, I guess we all have opportunities to change course now and then. An event. An illness. A death. A voice crying in the wilderness. We who resist that voice most are we who sense what it means and fear it. An encounter with pure truth always comes with a demand to change and take action, and that is the problem: it requires a death to yourself and a loss of comfortable, lesser truths. The way I see it, some resist truth to the point of distraction; some to the point of silencing its messengers. But…you must understand.” – Herod

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