The Decision


Addiction and dysfunction are absolute destroyers of life. There is no middle ground. Salvation is serious business. Getting saved is God’s business, but staying saved is your business. It is no game. The uninitiated pretend to have no concern in the matter, and those who are saved often squander what they have. Few on either side see the seriousness of what is at risk; life itself. And more. Life of the soul. And the happiness of many. You do not only save or destroy your own life in this world.

Help needed. Drowning man's hand in sea or ocean.

It is simple and necessary to love completely and to give your entire self to this process; to life. The consequences of not doing so are endless and terrible for everyone. If you are fortunate enough to see the way out of darkness, and if you are once plucked from the waters of your own destruction, never go near the shore again and never grab hold of someone who has decided to go under again. You may not get another chance at life.


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