Sacramental Marriage


Definition: Sacrament: a visible sign of the invisible God that conveys grace.

No amount of preaching or theorizing can communicate the goodness of a sacramental marriage as well as simply seeing it lived, or living it yourself. With each passing year, I come to a greater realization and appreciation of the fullness of life and grace flowing from the sacrament of marriage. I see the graces we have been given and the life it gives to others. It is not something we create so much as something we allow. God is the giver, we are the keepers. For this, we are grateful partners and we humbly accept the gift. The romantic ideals that are portrayed and vainly chased after are paltry compared to the reality of a sacramental marriage.


For the young, and for those struggling in a marriage, I have this to offer: No marriage is perfect, but the saving grace for every marriage is found in a sacramental grounding. Without this, no marriage can hope to approach its potential as a source of grace for the man and woman, for the children, and for the world. There must be a transcendent orientation to hold the center together. When times get tough, and they will, moral affinity grounded in God will save a marriage. Sheer fortitude and self-will cannot get you there. Desire alone and false ideas will eventually lead to disaster. Just hanging in there and playing the role of martyr does not give life. In order for a marriage to achieve its intended fullness of life, the senior partner must be the One who is the pure relational Love that holds all things in being. Otherwise, your ship will run into the rocks and you will sink. It’s that simple.


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