A Resurrection Story

12923112_1605202433133690_5450724736076831701_nWatercolor by Evan Hirstius

“O lord, you brought me up from the netherworld.” (Psalm 30:4)

I have noticed that many people in the process of dying become more reflective and real. They get down to the serious business of loving and being loved. Before being confronted with death, it is easy to get distracted from what matters most.


I was blessed to awaken to life before being confronted with dying. The reason for this was entering into recovery from the living death of addiction, coupled with the subsequent gift of spiritual awakening. I was saved from much more than physical death, which is inevitable anyway. My perspective is that of a person who was dead on many levels who now lives anew. This has been my fortunate story for years; a resurrection story.


When God saves one life, he saves many. Through the new life God freely gave me, new life has come to others, including the new soul created through the sacrament of my marriage. The restoration of my life, my soul, and my sanity (through God’s mercy) took the form of new life in my child; a grace so real I had to give it a name. My child, for me, is the living icon of God’s personal love and mercy in my life.

How could I not be grateful?

How could I not be real?

“My heart will rejoice in your salvation.” (Psalm 13:6)


6 thoughts on “A Resurrection Story

  1. Good questions for me. “How could I not be grateful and real?” Only through Christ’s death and my salvation through asking for forgiveness are the answers to these two simple questions possible.


  2. Great!! I love your input. It is truly a gift. I am in retreat so I have re read all your posts. Blessing on you, Roberta and Evan. Love, Your sister, Marion

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