God is Life


“He is not God of the dead but of the living.” (Mark 12:27)

Thunder last night. A symphony of birds this morning. It is good to be alive. I realize that for a human being, life  is much more than biological existence. Our life is a participation in something greater than individual and finite existence. It is hard to see this sometimes.

The entire created universe, seen and unseen, is alive; it is a communion of saints down to the atomic level, and beyond that. All is alive in God. God is life and relationship. In God, there is no death, although there can be radical cataclysm and transformation. This is where suffering and confusion enter in.


“The awakening and attuning to the voice of God – this is the whole reason for one’s existence, this makes one’s existence fruitful and gives fruitfulness to all one’s other good acts, and is the ransom and purification of one’s heart, which has been dead.” – Thomas Merton

Sacramental love in family life is a living manifestation of an inner communion with God. Relationship with the natural world is also a manifestation and reflection of this inner communion; or lack of it. Today, I appreciate what it means to be alive in time, and I appreciate it as preparation for new life in God. My focus is centered on this inner life of loving communion which flows into all relationships. All is life, even death, for God is life.


“The fundamental purpose and meaning and fulfillment of human life is that we enter into living personal relationship with that center of consciousness who holds the universe in being.” – author unknown

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