Home: A Treasure in Time


Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  (Psalm 37:3)

The Land

Spring has come. Tending to our small plot of land is one of our greatest pleasures. Working the land makes sense. We co-operate with God’s natural gifts and the work becomes prayer. Today, my son mowed while I tilled rows for planting corn , beans, and pumpkins. My wife worked in the garden. There is much to be done; much to be planted. Together, we will get it done.



There is an economy of living that I have only discovered in my later years. It is about less, not more. It is about living quietly and simply. It is about home. It is more important to establish a home than an opinion. Establishing a home and loving my family is the greatest joy in life. Things in the world do not interest me much at all now. We are not hiding from the world, we are taking refuge from its confusion and transforming it by our way of being.



We don’t need much beyond each other in this life. A simple life is a good life. Complexities only weigh us down. Here, in our family life, we discover the secret to peace and happiness. Home is the domestic Church and a sanctuary. From here, we can bring peace into the world. This is God’s grace at work in the world, hidden and simple. These days of our togetherness are a treasure in time.


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