Rejecting Love


“When the world ends, it will be carried out by people deemed reasonable and sane, and it will be perfectly legal.” – Thomas Merton

“She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7)

Whether you are a Christian, or not, there is something worth noting in the gospel stories. A consistent theme found there is the human tendency to reject divine reality and what it demands of us. The world opposed Jesus of Nazareth before he was born and continued to do so until it took his life. This is a sure sign that divinity was with him. Rejection of divine love is a pattern that exists in human affairs to this day. The crowded inn represents the crowded and busy world of false selves, competing and killing to get ahead. We all know the place, do business there, and pay for its upkeep. It is a terrible symbiosis.


“There was no room for Jesus not only in the Roman empire of his day but also in the official religion of his culture.” – N. T. Wright

The highest religious and political systems of his time put Jesus to death. Why? Because power structures, even religious ones, organize themselves to prevent discord and disruption; to preserve themselves and to prevent grace. God is only allowed under prescribed parameters; official ones. This is a natural pitfall of worldly thinking and it will always exist. False alleluias and practical (and legal) refusals are stock and trade in the world as we have made it.


Questions: How can I make room for divine love to enter and dwell in me, not as an ideal, but as a practical reality? How can I evict the false tenants who dwell in me? How will I meet the demands this imposes on my life?

3 thoughts on “Rejecting Love

  1. “No room for Jesus in the Roman Empire and the official religion of the culture” I had never thought of his rejection in this way, only no room in the inn”. To accept Jesus in my life, I have to pray, read scripture, and accept Who is my true leader.


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