Hebrew families were saved from the most terrible plague that struck their enslaving society. This came about through their corporate and personal communion with God. This communion was honored with a ritual meal. Families huddled in their homes while praying, and the calamity passed over them.

In our own way, we can do the same in our homes with our families. We can remain centered in God while the self-inflicted calamities of a rootless society pass over us. Those who keep the covenant are always liberated from mental and spiritual slavery.


All Passover celebrations, from the first until now, take place in the home – because home is where the family is, home is where values are first learned, and home is where the foundation of any coherent society begins.

Like the Hebrews, may we be liberated from all that enslaves us, so we can live in God’s company all of our lives and know true freedom. Lord, make our homes sanctuaries of your peace.


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