The Sabbath


Evening. The end of the Sabbath day has come and what an amazing depth of peace and love we have shared, all of us, all day. It is as natural as breathing. More than 10 years of Sabbath-keeping has placed us in touch with God’s love, God’s presence, in a regular and natural way. Even our son falls into the rhythm of Sabbath world deeply and easily. For him, it is normal life without question. His life-long memory is of Sabbath-keeping.

I am amazed at the sacred space we enter as a family each week on the Sabbath. It is more than I ever imagined or hoped for even in my deepest personal spiritual experiences. Our shared Sabbath experience is connected deeply with the communion of saints because the departed are always present with us on the Sabbath, and we with them. The love that binds us all together cannot be broken and it never dies.


Sabbath-keeping is one of the 10 Commandments for a good reason. How many of us fail to observe this commandment? What are our families missing because of this? All of our troubles and worries can certainly wait for 24 hours once a week. They will still be there waiting for us when we return, but we may see them differently. They will take their place in line behind the one thing necessary.

The Sabbath makes everything new. Keep the Sabbath day holy. You will be glad you did, and your family will thank you.



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