A Desert Journey


“You just cannot immerse yourself in the world and be carried away by it. This is no salvation.”

– Thomas Merton 

If we are simply carried along by events, we never discover our deepest selves. That is why it is necessary to withdraw from time to time to hear God speaking to the heart. But this is only the first step. What we find in solitude and prayer is the hidden treasure of the authentic self. Once this hidden treasure is discovered lesser things lose their power over us and we find a better source of identity.

“It is not enough to glimpse the spiritual world and identify with it. We are also obliged to conform ourselves to its imperatives and the submission involves a certain rejection of this-worldly standards.”

– Michael Casey, O.C.S.O. 

Once a desert journey is begun and the hidden aspects of reality are revealed, a transformation moves forward. Life can never be the same. Values change and losses occur. New life rises from the old.


Prayer: Lord of Life, lead me into the desert journey of Lent to face my shadows, to rely solely on your love, and to enter into a new life the world cannot give.

One thought on “A Desert Journey

  1. Lord, help me to face my shadows during my desert journey. I know it is a life long task, not just 40 days. There is light at the end of my journey.


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