Lent is a time for fasting, praying, and works of mercy. It is a time of cleansing and healing. Lent is a time to diligently search out the old yeast of malice and consign it to flames so we can begin again and pass over to new life.

A little yeast leavens the whole loaf. A little malice taints every aspect of a life. Nothing remains untouched. Clearing out the old yeast (chametz), every single bit of it, is the only way to redeem a life. Only an unleavened life of single-hearted sincerity and truth can make room for God. Otherwise, we are only playing a game.


The flat dry bread and bitter tea of honesty and austerity can lure back the forgotten innocence of childhood. Sophistry and charade will be returned to the dungheap from whence they came. In the light of truth, we need never search beyond the ordinary to find the miraculous. The worn, frayed, and bloody hem of this earthly human garment will yet convey all the healing our wooden hearts could ever desire. 


                       Prayer: Lord of Life, help me clear out the old yeast and live only on                                                                                       the unleavened truth of your love. 


3 thoughts on “Chametz

  1. The examination of conscience and surrendering our will to the higher will to live on earth as it is in Heaven….is beyond time….and ongoing……..yet…Lent brings a focus to our prayers for faith and guidance…..raises our awareness of our need for Grace…


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