No Wine


“They have no wine.” (John 2:3)

In the Gospel of John, Jesus attends a wedding. Mid-celebration the wine runs out and Jesus’ mother comes to him saying, “They have no wine.” When I hear this statement I think of people who seem to have no spiritual depth; no inner life. Wine is the ordinary goodness of life transformed into something sublime by the hidden action of an internal process. God is the yeast that secretly transforms a person into who she is meant to be. Without this process we remain good, perhaps, but not the best we can become. When the ordinary goodness of life reaches its limits, there is more; much more. The wedding of the divine and human, the one thing necessary, is the source of the best life possible.


Prayer: Lord, enter into the secret recesses of my soul today and transform the ordinary into the sublime.

4 thoughts on “No Wine

  1. David, I have always been moved by this story, something about turning the water into wine felt like such a beautiful metaphor for what happens when one discovers the kingdom within, the awakening of the spirit that we are one with the greater Spirit of Love. Your description here brings that greater depth to the communion and transformation that is possible. The love of Jesus for the Father, Mary’s love for Jesus, and their awareness of their mission of love in the world realizing their oneness with the Holy Spirit…


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