This One Night

“Why is this night different from all other nights?” – Pesach Haggadah


On this one night, so different from all the rest, in a place away from the noise and tumult of the crowded inn of the world, You are born. You arrive, the timeless in time. Advent. Nativity. Birth.

What have I been waiting for? Why am I celebrating? You. Here. Now. Not when things are perfect, or pure, or peaceful, or right; but when everything is wrong and inconvenient and there is no room; this is when You arrive. Today, not someday. Now, not later. Here, not somewhere,…or everywhere,…or nowhere. Here. Now. The One I need most.


Light in darkness. Light of the world. Light of truth. Light of life. With me. For me. You…the¬†absolute power of the cosmos, entering into the realm of my darkness and finitude, not as a tyrant but as a child, helpless and vulnerable…You set everything right again. It begins on this one night.

Lord of life, let the dark and obscure places in me know your light. Be born in me on this one night.


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