Black Friday


Believe it, or not, Black Friday is a holy day in our home.  For us, it is a day of calm, quiet, and non-consumerism. While crowds of people fill the streets and stores competing for bargains, we celebrate the past year and the coming season.

On Black Friday we rest in the peace of our home and our faith. We remain silent and take stock of where we have been and where we are going, while we prepare for the arrival of the blessed season of Advent.


Years ago we decided not to subject ourselves to frantic crowds, compulsive shopping, noise, confusion, traffic, and the mass hysteria of secular “Christmas.” Instead, we stay home and welcome the Holy Spirit to dwell in our home. In this way, we gently enter into the season of light.

So, on Black Friday we will be at home together, around the fire, joyfully anticipating the beginning of a prayerful Advent. If you are out shopping think of us, we will be thinking of you. Just remember: the one thing necessary cannot be found in any store.


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