We keep the Sabbath and the Sabbath keeps us.


Early morning. The faint blue glow of dawn sits low on the horizon. Stars shine brightly. No moon. A chill in the air. This is our day of rest. In natural ways, the character of our Sabbath-keeping has changed over time, but the peace of togetherness never changes. It is a beautiful thing. This one day. A foretaste of what awaits us beyond here. Communion. Rest in God.


On the Sabbath we regain our souls. Body and mind have a place to rest together and re-unite. We forget what drives us apart and remember what draws us together. We do not disdain or reject “the world” and our lives in it; we remember what matters most. Sabbath-keeping keeps us focused on what is true, good, and beautiful. Sabbath-keeping keeps us simple and sane.


On the Sabbath we rest in God’s mercy and delight in one another. We relax into the joy of shared meals, music, play, laughter, and the presence of the ones we love. We remember the departed and cherish the living, while letting everything go that separates us from ourselves, from God, and from one another. On the Sabbath we remember what it means to be truly alive.


Prayer: Lord of Life, thank you for the gift and the commandment of resting in the one thing necessary. If we should forget this, who would we be?


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