It seems impossible for most people to drive a car, sit down for a meal, or even walk down the street without talking or texting on their cell phones. What would happen if we were to communicate with God in prayer with the same consistency? Our lives and the lives of those around us would be transformed.


Prayer can take many forms; it does not have to always be a request, or a complaint, or praise. Prayer also involves listening in silence and stillness. Before anything, true prayer is an act of attention, mindfulness, and presence.


In some spiritual practices bells are used as a call to mindfulness and prayer. Perhaps each time we habitually reach for a communication device to text or browse, we could use that moment as a bell of mindfulness, to pause for a moment and enter into prayer. The quality of our communications and our ability to discern truth would begin to transform our lives for the better.

Life is short. Pray attention.


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