Love and Theology


I have always liked Christianity but often disliked Christians. The stock phrases of religion can sound more like accusations than invitations. Believers who want to convince me of the goodness of God often sound like used car salesmen who are themselves unconvinced. Pathology sometimes masks itself in religiosity.


Jesus did not have to put forth complex theological arguments for God; he kept it simple. Jesus’ greatest theological argument was himself.  St. Paul began the great tradition of Christian theology in his letters, but Paul’s beautiful letters pale in comparison to the personal presence of God in Christ.


To me, the question of God is very simple and centers on personal presence, love, and the appreciation of beauty. Intellectual arguments easily degenerate into mental exercises in futility. If love is bypassed in favor of a theological argument, no matter how logical and well-constructed, the argument becomes meaningless. Love supersedes everything, and God is love. One of the greatest challenges for believers is learning how to convey God’s love while using words only when absolutely necessary.


Prayer: Lord of Life, help me to receive and share your personal presence through selfless acts of love which transcend even the best theology.


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