Autumn Into Winter

Late October, early morning, just before the dawn.


A strong breeze rustles the dry leaves. One cricket tentatively chirps, knowing Winter soon comes. A turning of the year is coming. The beautiful days of Autumn will soon give way to the bleak days of cold air and rain on dead leaves.  Stark black trees will soon punctuate the landscape and nature will enter its rest,…waiting.


We, too, enter a waiting time. As days shorten and nights lengthen we close windows and doors, gather our supplies, and light fires within that will keeps us warm and see us through. It is a time of contemplation and reflection, a time to give thanks and gather with the ones we love; to celebrate what has come to pass and what is yet to come.


We hate the dying of the light and the turning of yet another year, but there is always hope. Bare November trees are silent sentinels of Spring. Cold days shimmer with promise. Long Winter nights speak of what is yet to come. Winter must come and snow must fly, but the long darkness will eventually pass. New life will return as it always does.


Have hope. Peace the world cannot give and light the darkness cannot overcome wait at the heart of the coming season.

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