This One Day

October 10, 2015


This Autumn day has been absolutely luminous: colors coming to life in the trees; a cool breeze rustling dry leaves across the earth; clear sunlight and a brilliant blue sky; prairie grasses turning varied shades of yellow, brown, and rusty-red; wind creating ripples on the pond that sparkle in the sunlight; and a lone hawk over the stubbled corn field turns slowly in a lazy arc of effortless flight. This is how the day passes.

IMG_4784  2013-11-01 14.02.51

Just before the earth goes to sleep for a long winter there is one last blazing flash of color and light. Geese call as twilight settles over the fields and we light a fire to keep the evening chill away. Soon it will grow colder and the snow will come. These are the most beautiful days of all.

IMG_4780 2013-11-02 15.00.02

We moved to the country after many years of effort and intention. We wanted the landscape and our inner lives to reflect one another. We wanted to rejoice in things not made by hands; fields, woods, animals, seasons, and the dazzling canopy of stars each night. We wanted to eat food we cultivated on our own land. We wanted our spiritual lives to be as wide as the sky. Most of all, we wanted our child to know directly what God has made in its natural splendor. We don’t regret a single day.

IMG_4797 IMG_4801


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