A Sane Response

We keep the Sabbath and the Sabbath keeps us.


Once a week we observe an entire day of rest from gain, worry, distraction, and pursuits that would take us far from our authentic selves. Usually, we stay close to home; although we do go for walks, ride bikes, or drive into town in the afternoon for ice cream.


We do not go shopping (even online), or disperse ourselves in multiple directions. We give ourselves permission to spend an entire day and night at rest together; reading, praying, cooking,…and playing.


We call relatives, have real conversations, laugh, remember our ancestors, enjoy nature, and take lazy naps. We let projects and problems wait for 24 hours while we remember who we are.


On the Sabbath we regain our souls. It is a day of freedom and renewal every week. It is one thing we can always rely on. It is a commitment to one another that we never break.


We enjoy prayers and rituals that keep us focused on the reason for the day. We give thanks. We take this gift of true rest into our week and it keeps us mindful of what (and who) matters most.


We highly recommend this for everyone. (Everyone.) It will transform your life and make you happy, which is what we all seek in our restless wanderings. To keep the Sabbath is to finally arrive at our true home and to dwell there in peace. Sometimes I think this is the only sane response left open to us while the world spins out of control.


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