A Calling


As Moses tended his father-in-law’s flock in the desert of Midian, he saw a strange light and heard a voice. A calling, a blessing, and a burden…the same goes for us all.



“I AM…here in this place which is holy ground, in this moment which contains eternity. See the flame of creation, it does not consume the creature but illumines it, so you may see what is real and what is not. You ask my name: I am being, not one being among others. Speak for me with your broken tongue and inadequate words. Heal for me with your unclean hands and through your infirmities. Accompany people through the desert of suffering until they come out on the other side, born anew. Gather the fragments and repair the wounds with my love. But the choice is yours. Goodness depends on you in the freedom of this love.”


Lord of Life, where are you calling me?

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