The Power of One

“For what, in that world of gigantic horror, was tolerable except the slighter gestures of dissent?” – E. M. Forster, on the horrors of World War I


Massive protests and mass movements of any kind tend to be manipulated and can become just one more form of tyranny, because they tend to be used as a substitute for personal conviction and courage. Mass thinking can reduce even noble ideas into small and marketable ideas without heart. This is the gigantic horror against which one individual gesture of dissent is effective. One or two gathered in the name of truth can act as seeds that topple even the most gigantic horrors in this world.


Kindness is a slight gesture of dissent against the darkness. So are silence, introspection, non-violence, and the appreciation of beauty. A deep inner life is a slight gesture of dissent in the world of indifference and cruelty generated by mass thinking. Love is the ultimate gesture of defiance against darkness. Love will always have the final word on reality.


What will your slight gesture of dissent be today?


Love is free. Hate costs everything.

4 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. “Love overcomes darkness”. There is much darkness in the world right now and according to Christ and scripture, the only way to overcome is for each person, personally, show love to all others.


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