In the natural course of living, I have begrudgingly lost some of my most precious illusions of security. Sometimes the worst that I can imagine comes to pass. Sometimes worse than what I can imagine comes to pass. Experience has taught me that in the darkest night of my soul – when I am convinced there is no God, no love, and no hope – new life begins. When all of my resources fail there is no way but up.


As a person of science and a questioning faith, I can see reality is breathed into existence from a void of non-existence by a source that makes light out of darkness and life out of death. I see this pattern in the cosmos, in the seasons of the earth, and in the seasons of my life. When all is lost, after a time, new life emerges in new ways. Always.


Fortunately, this process does not depend on my faith, my abilities, or my belief. It is a gift. After the absolute worst has already come to pass, no matter how dark it gets, there always comes new life –  even when I can’t see it yet. When I lose all faith, all hope, and all love – the love that makes all things new is already present preparing new life where there was only death.

“Stripped of everything we’re tempted to lean on, we finally find ourselves at God’s mercy, which in the end is the safest place to be.” – Jason Gray


2 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. When I struggle with faith, hope, and love, life seems bleak and a challenge. I have to then reach back and remind myself that in Christ, LOVE is always there, to reach out and grab.


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