Loving Well


Loving well requires a decision to become selfless and vulnerable, to be for another. I only truly began to understand this when my child was born. Now I know just how deep the transformation is that love demands and offers. It isn’t like anything else. Love took me out of myself and for this I am forever grateful. Loving well is a sacrifice and a gift.


Loving well is a window into the heart and mind of God. Once love opens your eyes to the deeper aspect of reality life becomes a miracle. Loving well gave me the insight to know all of my restless seeking had come to an end. At last, I arrived at my true home in this world.


Loving well is a journey to more. Once this kind of love consumes you infinite horizons of personal and spiritual life open. Everything that came before is another person and another life. Loving well is new life. Loving well is everything.


Loving well is the task of a lifetime. It is the only thing worth having or doing. Those who cannot (or will not) love well need our prayers and our love more than anyone else. Loving well will save the world.

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