The Heresy of Solitude


There is not a whole lot of peace in the world. The obvious and overlooked fact is that all of the unrest arises from within human beings. I am no exception. In fact, the more I pursue peace the more obvious my own violence becomes. I need the support of others in pursuing peace, or it remains an ideal. This support is hard to find.


Most of us appear to be either unconcerned or overwhelmed. We get discouraged and distracted. Our focus is drawn away by entertainment, ambition, personal problems, responsibilities, and ill-informed polemics. I seek solitude in nature to regain my perspective, but I am continually sought out and called away. The world is very needy and forceful.

Thomas Merton said we live in a society where it is illegal to mind your own business. I seek to break social and civil law by minding my own business. Solitude is heresy to modern culture. Love and solitude are subversive.


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