Hard Work

We have many different outside jobs, but we all have the same inside job.  


Life is a spectrum on which we can choose to progress toward awareness and goodness, or we can choose to sit aside and complain. Some of us wish for an easy way to happiness, but life is not that way. Most of us want to feel good about our values and choices, but then fail to examine our motives carefully. A good life requires insight and growth. A good life is hard work.


Living well requires practice, which means making mistakes, owning them, learning from then, then moving forward wiser. Good intentions will not yield good results if unaccompanied by awareness and effort. Drifting will lead to nothing but trouble. Faith and humility will lead you home. A good life is hard work.


A good life needs a good foundation. A strong inner life is the foundation on which a good life is built. Spiritual discipline is essential. Without this little can be gained and nothing can last. Not many of us have a strong inner life or spiritual discipline. Outer work that does not rest on inner work will either fail or produce harmful results. A good life is hard work.

Do your homework.


Prayer: Lord of Life, please give me the serenity, courage, wisdom, and strength to do what must be done.

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