Dayenu: More Than Enough

“Everything we do is just a drop in the ocean, but without us the ocean would be one drop less.”  – Mother Teresa

Drop falling in the water with splashing

As I get older, I think of what I have done and what I have not done with what I’ve been given. My life is small and ordinary, as most are. Perhaps God has used me for purposes not my own; things I may never know of. I trust that God gave me life for a purpose greater than my own selfish ideas. I trust that God has given me a small measure of participation in something good for others. Most of all I am grateful for this life of love and communion. I discovered the way to happiness and built my life around it, then shared it with my wife and child. What more could a man do? Everything else we venerate and sacrifice our lives to falls away and only love remains.


Dayenu, the Hebrew song of gratitude and praise that is sung at Passover, expresses the wonder of God’s more than enough. If we had only been liberated from slavery, it would have been enough. Had we only been given the Sabbath without also being brought to Mount Sinai, it would have been enough. God provides more than enough for our happiness, if we only have the eyes to see it and the hearts to receive it. This is the peace needed for the happiness we all seek. This is what we were created for: this love, this presence, this way, this truth, and this life.

Prayer: Let the eyes of my heart see that God’s love is more than enough. Let God see my small and ordinary life of gratitude and sing, “Dayenu!”

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