Learning Our Limits

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“The irreligious mind is simply the unreal mind.” – Thomas Merton

I walk out on our land here in the country and I am immediately aware of the numinous presence in living things. It all exists in communion. We can exist in communion with it, or we can destroy it through willful ignorance.

Original sin: wanting what is not ours in the natural order. No other creature tries this and survives. We, too, will eventually run out of options for survival if we consistently make bad choices. The mercy of God is not something to be taken advantage of or used to excuse irresponsible behavior. We have natural limits. Everything does.

If we learn our place in the natural order things will go well. It is that simple and that difficult.

Prayer: Give us the insight to know our place in the natural order, so we can learn our limits and thrive in communion with life.

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