Love and Mindfulness


Love is not an ideal or a concept, it is real. To love and be loved is the meaning and purpose of life, but love is only possible through personal presence. Love needs a time and a place, and a person, where it can come to rest and establish itself. In order to be present we have to arrive in the present moment. The way to arrive in the present moment is to be mindful.


Mindfulness is the practice of stopping and becoming aware of what we are thinking, feeling, and doing in the present moment. Mindfulness is a way to understand the motivations behind our good and bad choices. Mindfulness is the art of seeing things as they are. Mindfulness is not an evasion or a distraction, it is an encounter with what matters.


To be mindful we must stop. If we never stop we never arrive. We cannot be present when we are always busy rushing ahead somewhere. The people we love need us to arrive here and now where life takes place. Impatience and indifference leave no space to encounter the reality of another person. Please…





Life only takes place in the present moment. This seems obvious, but we tend to live most of our lives thinking about the past or worrying about the future, so we rarely arrive here and now where life is unfolding. You cannot truly encounter your loved ones if you are not truly present. (You must be present to claim your prize!)


Most of us will not arrive at our final moment wishing we had worked more or watched more television, but we may arrive at that moment wishing we had loved more. Now is the time to take care of what we have been given. Please don’t let your life pass you by. There is no “someday”,… today is “someday”. Being mindful in the present moment is the prerequisite to loving well.


Prayer: Give me the mindfulness to be truly present for the ones I love. Help me to arrive in every moment. Let my “someday” be today. 

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