Refraining from the World


It is no secret that we become disoriented from too much contact with the world. Inner peace is not real if we hide from the world, but refraining from the world from time to time is necessary. Total immersion is not the answer.

“You just cannot immerse yourself in the world and be carried away by it, this is no salvation.” – Thomas Merton

There must be a time and a place each day where we can rest in God and regain ourselves; otherwise, we get disoriented and lost. A life of endless distraction is not a life at all, it is mere survival and it is dangerous. (The lost cannot save the lost.) Resting is not hiding from the world, it is refraining from the world to regain perspective.

“The soul is in God and in true rest.” – Julian of Norwich

Young Woman Enjoying the View --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Find a time and a place today to step aside and regain yourself. Carry that rest with you into the world as a sign and a contradiction, and a ray of hope. Rest is the mercy of God.

Activity without rest is meaningless. Rest without activity is unreality.

2 thoughts on “Refraining from the World

  1. Rest in God keeps me from being lost. Watching the news brings about stress as to all the negativity in the world. Rest in God gives us hope.


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