A Day of Rest


Late morning. All of us (the old dog, too) went out to the garden after breakfast. Evan rode his bike on the land, Roberta and I picked peas for the midday meal, while Abby wandered freely and swam in the pond (first time this year), then rolled in the fresh grass. I picked wildflowers for our table.

After harvesting the peas, Evan and I sat on the deck in the shade of the awning (with the wet dog) and shelled peas while singing ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’. We made up verses where we forgot the words. Roberta soon joined us and we all relaxed, listening to the sound of crickets in the tall grass and birds out in the fields. A distant freight train blew its whistle and headed north for Chicago. There was a gentle breeze stirring the now green leaves of Summer.

Prayer: God, ground our lives in your stillness which rests beneath the turmoil. Let us return here when we need to. Let these moments of refuge remain within our child all of his days.

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