Sabbath Rest

This is a poem of mine that my friend Keri Wyatt Kent posted on her blog recently. It describes our family’s experience of Sabbath rest very well. We all need this rest in order to recover our souls. I hope you enjoy this.


This week I got a very nice letter from a reader named David. He’s a physician, husband and father, and shared some of his spiritual journey with me. He and his family “began keeping Sabbath in 2005,” he explained.

In that decade of practice, he and his family have found a lighthearted joy in this day. He shared a poem that he wrote for his wife and son, which he graciously allowed me to share with you.

I know–I normally don’t run poems here on the blog. Don’t consider this an open call for poetry. Please don’t inundate me with poetry. Simply enjoy the good doctor’s poem, which I think captures the joy and freedom and peace, the Shabbat Shalom that we all so desperately need in our lives–and that God so wants to give to us.

Sabbath Rest

by David Hirstius

Sabbath rest, Sabbath joy,

Just you, me, and our boy.

We’ve been waiting all week long,

Play a game, sing a song.

Light the candles, time has come,

Sabbath freedom is for everyone.

Bake the bread, watch it rise,

Taste creation’s greatest prize.

Say the blessing, pour the wine,

See the Sabbath candles shine.

Cook a meal, eat it slow,

We have nowhere else to go.

Sabbath rest for man and beast,

Even our dogs enjoy the feast.

Let those dishes pile up high,

Until tomorrow lights the sky.

No work, or sorrow, only play,

Let’s stay together on Sabbath day.

Afternoon comes and there’s a lull,

Sometimes Sabbath rest feels dull.

But then think of the day we’ve had,

And maybe a lull isn’t so bad.

So, let’s give thanks to God above,

For me and you and life and love.

Today no worry, pain, or sorrow,

They will all gladly wait ‘til tomorrow.

This is the time to love and rest,

Our gentle God knows what we need best.

Sabbath rest, Sabbath joy,

Just you, me, and our boy.

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