Peace on Earth

“Without union in faith, diversity makes no sense, for there is no common reality over which pluralisms agree.” – John F. Kavanaugh


The only way any group of people can truly thrive in union without making one another into unhappy lunatics is to share a transcendent center of common devotion. We will never have peace on earth until we center ourselves upon that which generates, sustains, and transcends all things. In other words, if God is not the center there is no center. If there is no center, all is lost. Every other center is false and will end in disaster. Human history demonstrates this nicely.

There is only one reality and it has only one source. No other center generates, sustains, and transcends reality. There isn’t anything else. Our most noble endeavors can only succeed when they rest in this truth. The human destruction of life, of one another, and of the planet rests squarely in the error of basing our hopes upon that which is false.

The reason we do not want to believe this truth and act on it is because we are busy asserting ourselves against what is real. We do not want God to be God,…WE want to be God. This is our problem. Plain and simple.

Prayer: Give us the humility and wisdom to know what is real. Help us to find our way home to peace through the common center of all pluralisms.

4 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. It is the age old temptation to believe this space and time contains all our possibilities. Once we recognize that it is a beautiful reality, but not the ultimate reality we will be able to identify its false promise and open ourselves to the more.


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