Faith places everything in context. Everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And the beautiful. (By faith I don’t mean believing, I mean knowing.) Faith does not raise you above life and its joys and adversities; faith immerses you in life deeply, without destroying you,…except for the false parts. This is the part we fear. This is the good part. Then you can see clearly. Then comes new life. This is the often unpleasant process we naturally tend to avoid.

Fear, anger, and a history of disappointment can cause us to deny and ignore reality as it is, and they can harm our capacity to see what is there. Faith, however, has eyes to see, without denying the ugly parts.

One thought on “Faith

  1. “Faith immerses me in life deeply” had never thought of faith in this way. The more that I pray and give thanks, my faith increases. I see a life of faith as one of serenity and peace of mind to serve others.


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