Existence Itself

The Hebrew Bible declares that God is existence itself. (“I Am”. – Exodus 3:14) The Christian scriptures declare that “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) These are both declarations of the same God. God is existence itself and that existence is love. Here is how…


What we refer to as God is not one being among many; God is the very act of being. Think about this: God, infinite being, existence itself, does not need finite phenomena (universes and people) to exist. Quite the opposite. All things (universes and people) exist only due to their grounding in existence itself. Therefore, since existence itself is not contingent, and we are, our existence is not necessary or inevitable; it is an intentional act of love. Existence itself is love and this is what we call God, and it generates reality out of love. This is not belief or faith (it is pure reason), but it should lead to them.

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